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There shouldn’t be any second thoughts over JavaScript being considered one in all the most standard and widely used client-side programming languages.

It is essentially utilized as a web front-end development tool and proves to be over a handy client for the building of cross-development platforms.

In addition to that, it’s also attained name because of its usage in numerous alternative standard platforms as well as React Native, PhoneGap, Titanium, Apache, NativeScript, Appcelerator, etc.

In the current situation, the world of application for JavaScript has expanded and currently, it’s also being used for server-side programming. Node.js has so competed for a crucial role during this major shifting within web development.

What is Node JS?

what is Node.js

Well, the only definition of Node.js is that it’s a Javascript run-time atmosphere that helps within the execution of JavaScript code server-side. it’s an open-source cross-platform JavaScript that helps within the development of time period network application.

It provides the developers event-driven I/O APIs and asynchronous. It can also explain JavaScript code via the V8 JavaScript engine.

Moreover, it operates on one threaded event-based mostly loop to create all executions non-blocking. However, you can not think about Node.js as not a framework and it’s nothing to try to to with the PHP, .NET or JAVA.

There some Points to be noted that about Node.js.

  • Node.js is an open-source source atmosphere
  • Node.js is free
  • Node.js runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • Node.js uses JavaScript on the server

Advantages of Node JS

  • Node.js offers a Simple Scalability
  • One of the key benefits of Node.js is that developers notice it simple to scale the applications in horizontal also because of the vertical directions. The applications may be scaled in a horizontal manner by the addition of extra nodes to the present system.

    Moreover, Node.js also offers you the choice of adding additional resources to the one node throughout the vertical scaling of the application. So, it’s extremely scalable and provides a higher possibility than alternative JavaScript servers.

  • Simple to Learn
  • Since JavaScript is one in all the most standard programming languages, most of the front-end developers have a decent grasp over it.

    It becomes a lot easier for them to begin using the Node.js at the backend. it’s easier to learn Node.js and consumes less time to figure with it.

  • Node.js is used as One Programming Language
  • Node.js offers the developers the luxurious of writing the server-side applications within the JavaScript. this permits the Node.js developers to put in writing each the front-end yet as the back-end web application in JavaScript using a runtime atmosphere.

    And they don’t get to use the other server-side programming language. It also makes the preparation of the web applications easier as a result of most web browsers support JavaScript.

  • Advantage of Fullstack JS
  • Node.js has been considered a full-stack JavaScript for serving each the shopper and also the server-side applications.

    Therefore, the advantage is that you simply don’t need to hire separate developers for backend similarly because of the front-end development. It saves each of your valuable price and time.

  • Famous for Offering High Performance
  • It has been mentioned earlier that Node.js interprets the JavaScript code vi the V8 JavaScript engine. This engine complies with the JavaScript code directly into the machine language. This makes it easier and quicker to implement the code in an effective manner. The speed of the code execution also increased by runtime atmosphere as it supports the non-blocking I/O operations.

  • The Support of huge and Active Community
  • Node.js is blessed to own an oversized and active community of developers who persevere endlessly contributive towards its any development and improvement.

    In fact, the teams of developers are well supported by the JavaScript programmers providing ready-made and simple solutions and codes in GitHub. it’s expected that the developers can initiate several developers within the future.

  • The Advantage of Caching
  • The open-source runtime atmosphere of the Node.js also provides the ability to cache single modules. Whenever there’s any request for the primary module, it gets cached within the application memory.

    The developers don’t need to re-execute the codes as caching permits applications to load the net pages quicker and respond a lot of fleetly to the user.

  • Offers the Liberty to Develop Apps
  • Another advantage that Node.js offers to the developers is that the freedom to develop the apps and software system.

    This is one essential feature, that remains absent in Ruby on Rails imposing certain tips. you’ll begin everything from scratch whereas developing applications.

  • Obtaining Support for Normally Used Tools
  • With Node.js, the developers will get extended support for the various normally used tools. Let’s take an example. Suppose, you wish to check the source code of Node.js application; you can do so by using the Jasmin and different such unit-testing tools.

    Similarly, if you wish to identify and install the project dependencies, you’ll be able to build use of npm, a strong package manager. you can use grunt for task running of the project.

  • Handles the Requests at the Same Time
  • Since the Node.js is providing the choice of non-blocking I/O systems, it comparatively helps you to method many requests at the same time.

    The system will handle the synchronous request handling efficiently higher than others together with Ruby or Python. The incoming requests get lined up and are dead quickly and consistently.

  • Node.js is Extremely Extensible
  • The Node.js is thought to be extremely extensible, which suggests that you simply will customize and any extend Node.js as per their necessities.

    You can also create the use of JSON to produce the scope for the exchange of data between the web server and also the shopper. It is also facilitated with built-in Apis for developing HTTP, TCP, and DNS Servers.

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The Drawbacks of Node.js

Well, Node.js also has some cons which require to be essentially mentioned.

  1. Application Programming Interface (API) isn’t Stable
  2. One of the key issues that the majority of the developers encounter is that the Application Programming Interface (API) keeps on dynamic at frequent intervals and doesn’t stay stable.

    At times, a brand new API appears having a variety of backward-incompatible changes. As a result, the developers are forced to create changes within the accessible code bases to match the compatibility with the most recent version of the Node.js API.

  3. Doesn’t have a Powerful Library Support System
  4. The JavaScript doesn’t have a well equipped and robust library system compared to different programming languages.

    The result is that the users are forced to require the support of common library for executing various tasks like Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), the process of the pictures, handling database operations, and XML parsing, etc.

    This builds it difficult for the developers to even implement the common programming tasks using Node.js.

  5. Asynchronous Programming Model
  6. If you want to form the applications more scalable, the mandatory requirement is the adoption of the asynchronous programming model.

    However, several developers could notice this programming model be more difficult in comparison to the linear interference I/O programming.

    Another con of the asynchronous programming is the codes tend to become clumsy and also the programmers have to depend on the nested calls.


In this article, we discuss the advantages & drawbacks of Node JS. Node.js having more advantages as compared to disadvantages to the developers. An important point is extended area has JavaScript applications that can be transparently used for both frontends as well as backend servers. Hire a professional team of Node.js development to connect with us, our developer help to build fully scalable & secure web application.

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