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Bitwise is a top and reliable mobile app development company that offers offshore android app development services across India build around major business needs of the clients. We have a highly experienced team of developers which offers mobile app development services to help you easily get started and beat your competitors.

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Bitwise is a top and reliable mobile app development company that offers offshore android app development services across india build around major business needs of the clients. We have a highly experienced team of developers which offers mobile app development services to help you easily get started and beat your competitors.

At Britwise, we provide a wide range of out of the box and innovative android application development based services on Android platform that assist business to improve their marketing strategy as well as in getting customers in bulk in the market. Our android app developers continually keep themselves informed regarding the latest technologies, market trends and skills and thus provide cutting edge Android solutions for different business niche.


Our services

Britwise is a trustworthy Android and Mobile app development company in India, building the mobile app development process smooth and easy. Our staff of developers provides cutting edge services to meet the client's unique and various business needs using top development strategies. We serve several Android app development services under one roof.

Сustom Android app development

As we are an android and mobile app development company, we focus on building custom made solutions that run effortlessly on all android devices. Our team of android app developers design the user-friendly interface. Develop a frontend and backend, integrate third-party services as well as offer testing and round the clock support.

Enterprise Android app development

BYOD stands for being your own device, it has become a popular policy for various companies looking to enhance employee performance and productivity. Our developers build work-focused solutions both both official and personal use across several business verticals. We focus on security ad build user-friendly interfaces.

mCommerce Android app development

With our services, ecommerce owners and their customers can easily connect to their shops anywhere and anytime. We have made ShopApp, its an open-source platform designed for Android that supports location tracking, push notifications as well as convenient payments. It is a useful option for online store owners.

Server-side APIs for Android app dev

We make use RESTful APIs and GraphQl to manage the server-side f your web and mobile applications. Our backend developers offer development for android apps, allow you to easily connect & interact with your information from different interfaces a per you need. We create API that boosts your efficiency of your IT system & maintain your app structure maintained & structured.

Our Mobile Application Development Process


We collect the ideas that hits us as amazing and ingenious. Only an amazing idea can be changed into a great and useful app. If an idea can solve the real problem and target the minds of audience and make them instal and use it right away, it means the idea is best to implement. Thus, our ideas are feasible and can be found by proper market research, performing competitor analysis and establishing objectives and goals within a deadline. The most important process of the creation of an app is an in-depth and deep knowledge the Apple store and google play store. These platforms works as a goldmine, especially when it comes to do conductive research. Also offer you great idea of the need and demand of targeted audience.


Now that you have an idea, and the timeline. Now its time to wireframe and document the app, to understand its functionalities. This helps you understand the usability issues of the product. After sketching, we wireframe the app, this help refine the concepts and arrange all major components of the design. Now, focus to create a better understanding of how your ideas and features will join together into a proper functioning application. We also create a storyboard in order to show the connection between the audience eah screen via the application.

Our Mobile Application
Development Process


Britwise app development process provide apps build-on-demand with reusable codes. This stage involves developers to focus on the creation of user-friendly user interface, where various techniques and strategies are deployed to code the app usability. At this stage our team of developers will add features like SQLite, navigatio, use of list view, intent, collating all the collected data and navigation to perform as one unit.


Our next app development process is testing. It includes daily checks by our Android app development developers team at each level. We make sure that there are no chance of bugs in the app software.


As our clits give us the green signal to work ahead with the app for submission, we submit the application to google play store for approval.

Why trust Britwise for Your Android App Development?

Britwsie technologies have a group of experts in android app development. The staff has experience & expertise Android & Mobile developers that need to meet the client's goals & ideas & turned their imagination into stunning apps. Developers at Bitwise stay updated & informed with the cutting edge Android technology services latest updates.We create Apps using the trending features to offer the best experience to the audience. We understand your investment & time.You will get what you deserve working with us.

Innovative Solutions

We don't just listen to your problem, but also offers quick solutions and results. For your every problem, our expert team of developers offers a number of innovative and effective solutions offering you better mobile and web applications. We strive to offer you more than your expectations. We understand your needs and try to meet them using our top resources for mobile and android app development.


Our developer team have a plethora of experience in this field. They aim to deliver exactly what exactly you need. They are professionals who offer awesome results to satisfy your needs.


Your business is secure and safe with our technicians. We offer our top quality IT services with confidence, protecting your innovative ideas and data. All rights of your source code will be yours only.

Excellent Designs

In this astoundingly and color world, why bore your users will dull designs? We provide bold, impressive, abstract, excellent and original designs grabbing more ye balls of users for the web, boosting the audience base for your app, providing cutting edge style for turning your marketing strategies successful and effective.


At Britwise, we offer the standard quality android and mobile app development services at cost-effective prices. This saves your money boh in the long and short term.

Timely Completion

We know and value your time and money. With our relentless working and strong determination we provide timely solutions and offer services before the project deadline. His makes us more reliable and efficient partner for mobile and android app development. Delivering project on time has been our strong point even since we started.

Benefits of Android Applications Development

Mobile app development faces varied challenges s compared to iOS developer, however reads the advantages of the infrastructure based on Android. There are countless benefits of using Android apps for your business in this digital era, like having a strong and active presence among your clients and so on. Android is gaining widespread popularity across the world, both functionally and commercially.

Large number of applications

Android market made an opportunity for developers across the word to use their platform by building new apps for android devices.

Enhanced Security

Android launched various built-in security features. This will assist with the double protection against viruses and malware. Therefore, reliability and safety are another big pros of android apps development.

Android is free

Since the day android was launched, it has been accessible for free. Google declared that it will be accessible for free in the future as well. Therefore, the creators worldwide are more attracted towards the OS and several adopted it for cost-effective smart phones. It is one of the most attractive features of Android app development.

Absolute availability

The apps provide complete accessibility and availability as compared to web pages as for their utilization they need their download and installation on the mobile devices like a tablet or Smartphone. This let the app to use anywhere and anytime without the need to open a website or search tab. You can hire a professional android or mobile app developer at britwise.

Transmit useful data to users

The content that users access vi the app does not meant to be the same content available on the website page. It can be different.
You may see it as a normal thing, however it is the most important factor to know while building an app.
You want to build a successful and effective app, it should be useful and practical for the customers to consider it important to keep it installed on their mobile device.

Boost user experience

Credit goes to the interface, applications are best adapted to smart phones. Their high level of simplicity and functionality of use provide a great functionality and user experience.
On the other side, the UX that mobile sites provide will never be the same as offered by an application, no matter how adaptable design it offers. They let you to store all the data locally ad can perform without even data connector.

Impact the image that consumers perceive

Almost everyone has smart phones in this digital era. That means users can access them anytime and anytime. Actually, now mobile users spend hours on mobile apps.
Thus, you can introduce your company in a unique way to influence their behavior easily.
An app is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your brand and services with your client round the clock. You can hire our android app developers for the development of your app.

Scalability and versatility

With the introduction of Android Studio, The OS has focus more on adaptability and flexibility. it integrates with Android ecosystem like wearable's, smart phones, tablets as well as android TV. this makes android apps highly compatible with rising technologies such as AR, lo, as well as VR.
Thus, it is another biggest advantage of android app. Additionally, the android app versatility lets developers to build mobile apps that are dynamic in nature.


One of the major pros of creating apps or companies is the ease of being always available on the mobile devices of their customers. Each time any user views their mobile device, the brand or service of the company will be displayed. Building an app will highly contribute to the company’s brand being available round the clock for customers.
Just think about the amount of money you need to invest in promoting and advertising your business in the different advertising media and communication channels. To use these channels to market your business may cost you more than investing in the development of an application. Pp offers some amazing opportunities and let your brand to get visible to your customers.