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There are many technologies like Node, Meteor, Node when Fb launch ReactJS, several web developers were needed to write a lot of coding. Web developers working with other frameworks have difficulty to rewrite the codes even when components that changed often. They wanted a framework for their work which can easily and quickly break down complex elements into easy and reuse that code.In this present era, ReactJS has become extremely popular as of its additional and advanced features like flexibility and simplicity.

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About Vue JS Development India

Vue.js is one of the newest software technology that is widely used in web development around the world. JavaScript is considered as the best language when it comes to building elegant and responsive front-end applications. Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that includes some optional user interface building tools. Its flexible and robust javascript framework help to create new generation applications that will attract the users in real-time. Developers use various tools and techniques to launch productive applications. We have developed the most sophisticated single-page applications and dynamic mobile applications, including hybrid and native applications. Vue.js is also popular among Web developers because its integration with existing applications is easier.

We build highly scalable interfaces that are high-performance and lightweight. This is why our expert developers have achieved the benchmark to built top-quality applications. However, We assist businesses and large organizations in creating an application that can help them solve real-time and complex problems of their revenue model.

Why Choose Vue JS?

Vue.JS is packed with a plethora of features and benefits that make it suitable for businesses of all verticals.

Virtual Dom

Vue.js operates via virtual DOM. In other words, any modifications made during its development will not be directly reflected on the DOM. It allows developers to play with their products and see improvements in the UI design while doing everything economically


Vue JS provides an extremely easy and well documentation that helps the developers to write powerful and easily readable code. It provides an elegant architecture and simplicity.


It offers the developers different ways to switch from DOM to HTML elements while adding/updating at the same time. It also offers the possibility of adding animated libraries to the environment from third parties and result in more creating interactive user interfaces.

Reusable Components

The technology divides the app into different components separately which can be used later for providing the same functionality in the further process.


Vue-router is used by Vue.js as an artificial hash-based address package to enable connection sharing and bookmarking in SPAs.

Data Binding

It ensures that web application development is quicker, precise and bug-free and will deliver your project within specified time limits.

Vue JS Development Services

Custom Application

The development of custom applications without jeopardizing quality within a specified time makes us one of the best Vue.js development companies in the market.

Single Page Application

Vue JS development company generally prefers to build its product using the Vue framework in the first place. The expertise of our architects is focused on the MVVM design, which is scalable and advanced in the construction.

Vue JS Consultation

Bitwise helps you to understand your problem and provides you the best solution for your business using Vue JS. Not only that, By using the rich Vue.js feature set we deliver highly efficient and competitive strategies for start-ups and companies from B2B and B2C.

Migration To Vue JS

We allow customers to switch from the old system to Vue.js with a pragmatic approach while reducing the business risks.

Support & Maintenance

We at Britwise give special attention to our client's satisfaction by providing an inexpensive maintenance kit. We give our customers support for their Vue.js application after production to keep our customers happy.

Third-Party Integration WIth Vue JS

Our team of trained and committed Vue.js developers will integrate Vue.js into your web application created by third parties.

Benefits of Using Vue.JS

Small Size

The success and usage of JavaScript framework often relied on its size. As you know, the smaller the size the more it will be used by the users. It is one of the biggest benefits of using Vue.js is its small size. Its size is between 18-21Km, which makes it a perfect framework to use. Also it doens occupy a lot of time for the people to use and download it.

Easy to Understand

The most common reasons for the demand of Vue.js is that it easy to learn and understand. No prior knowledge or experience required to add Vue.js to any web project as of its easy structure. The framework has well coded architecture for keep your custom method, life-cycle methods and data separate and secure. Also it offers some amazing features like computed properties, watchers as well as directive which makes the process of creating a modern web app a piece of cake. Both the small and big web applications can be designed with Vue.js which saves a lot of time.

Full-stack development

This framework allows for complete stack development with its minimal core, versatility and highly adoptable tech stack to manage apps of different complexities and sizes.

Simple Integration

Another major reason behind the popularity of Vue.js is that it helps web developers to easily integrate with the web applications. It is because the framework is based on JavaScript and could be easily integrated into any other web applications built on javascript. You can add the framework and begin using it immediately. You will also find some third party components and libraries that are supported with Vue.js CDN. In order to begin with Vue.js, you not compulsory required to setup npm and node. Thus, the framework is useful for building web applications and changing the existing web applications. Aside this, you can use it as a jQuery replacement.


Flexibility is another big reason behind the popularity of Vue.js. It lets user to code her/his template in JavaScript File, HTM file, as well as Pure JavaScript File via virtual nodes. This helps developers to easily understand Angular.js, React.js, and other popular Javascript framework. Vue.js make it simple to add and work with major tools like CSS Preprocessors and Templating Engines , Type hacking tools as well.

Two-Way Communication

VueJs is an advanced framework allows two-way communication. It is possible due to its unique MVVM architecture which makes it easily handle HTML blocks. It is also referred as 2-way data binding, means whatever modifications you made will be reflected in your UI. Reactive is another name used for Vue.js because it reacts whenever you make changes in your data.

Great Tooling

The latest Vue CLI i.e. 3.x is the best tool in the pocket of JavaScript.The technology has great tooling. It lets you to start your new project with things like Linting, Sattae store routine, Unit testing, Typescript, CSS Pre-processors and PWA built in. It lets you save your presents to use it in future in other projects. It even let you add numerous features along with UI for handling your projects. As you must know, Vue.js framework is inspired by these two already trusted web frameworks; Angular and React. It includes the best features of both the web frameworks.

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We do everything to make your Business Idea Awesome! Hire VueJS developers to build the best customized, secure & scalable app.

Why hire Britwise vue js development team?

Our expert team of VueJS developers follow a unique and effective method for understanding the clients needs. We strive to satisfy our clients by giving them exceptional service. Our developers offer quick engagement with the customers to meet varied business needs.Below are the steps of our VueJS developers follow for building Vue.js apps-

  • Detailed Requirement Analysis
  • Well Designed UI/UX
  • Comprehensive Study of Functionalities
  • Choose Engagement Models and Timelines
  • Project Delivery
  • Support & Maintenance

As a reliable Vue Js development company, we aim to develop robust, highly optimized, as well as real-time applications via JavaScript based VueJS Framework.

Hire Vue Js Developer in India

Britwise uses advanced technology and creative tools to provide the ultimate development solution using Vue.js. You can hire Vue.js developers that are of top quality and have a full support team including a product manager, QA staff and DevOps engineers. We take all your worries to patch a perfect team to get your significant projects completed in time. Vue.js can switch between the essential elements that support your product function and a full-functioning framework, using a progressive opt-in system. We offer our expert developer in three main segments from which you can select as per your requirement. In our first segment, you can select the Vue JS developer on a 24 hours basis. Secondly, you can hire developers for part-time for short time projects. Lastly, the hourly basis for basic modification in your projects

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